UV lights, also called germicidal lights, are used to sterilize specific surfaces without using potentially harmful chemicals or cleaners. Originally used in medical settings, these lights are now frequently installed in residential HVAC systems to remove impurities from the air. They keep bacteria from spreading and infecting the health and cleanliness of your home. These devices are also vital to preserving a beneficial indoor air quality. Keep these key benefits of UV lights in mind when updating your HVAC system this season.

Reduces Allergies and Illness

Dust, hair, dander and more accumulate in your home’s ductwork over time. Even with regular duct cleanings and maintenance, it’s hard to keep these contaminants out of your air supply entirely. Luckily, modern technology has evolved to better protect your sealed home. UV lights work to target the very DNA of the airborne bacteria and germs, stopping them from reproducing and causing more harm. This helps your family members breathe easier and feel more comfortable when inside.

UV lights are particularly helpful if you have at-risk loved ones who may be ill or immunocompromised. Many residential HVAC systems can’t handle medical-grade filters. Instead, these ultraviolet lights can protect your whole home from deadly germs, spores and bacteria that might cause seasonal allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses like COPD.

Eliminates Odors

Low indoor air quality usually leads to unpleasant lingering odors that never fully go away. No matter how often you clean or what air fresheners you use, an unpleasant musk may still hover in the air. Mold spores and dust mites flourish in homes with high humidity levels. A mold outbreak paves the way for insects and pests to find their way into your home and ducts. If left for too long, you may be faced with an unpleasant mixture of mold, mildew and animal feces.

UV lights remove the particulates and bacteria in the air that are carrying those unpleasant odors. They help to lower the spread of mold spores that would otherwise duplicate. Other common household scents, like lingering cooking odors and tobacco smoke, are also effectively removed from your air supply. These lights help to cultivate a consistently pleasant and comfortable living environment.

Removes VOCs

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals released into the air by common household items. Products like hair spray, paint, gasoline, cigarette smoke and candles release a variety of invisible chemicals that are then inhaled. These chemicals can vary from formaldehyde to propane to acetone. In sealed environments, these dangerous compounds can cause skin and eye irritation, headaches, fatigue and nausea. Prolonged exposure increases your risk of serious organ and nervous system damage.

It’s not practical for many modern families to completely erase the presence of VOCs in the home. Most appliances, products and household items release finite amounts of chemicals into the air. UV lights are a helpful and effective way of stopping them from accumulating in dangerous amounts in your home. With fewer VOCs, your household and indoor air quality will be safer.

Boosts Airflow

The fewer contaminants in your air, the less often you’ll have to switch out your filters. You won’t have to worry as frequently about a clogged filter impacting the airflow into your HVAC system. There will be less debris buildup in your ductwork, minimizing any additional stress on your furnace or air conditioner. UV lights also help to keep buildup off the vital cooling coils and pipes. After installing UV lights, you’ll quickly notice a pleasant difference in your monthly utility bills.

Improves HVAC Efficiency

It takes a lot of energy to maintain your home’s temperature control during the year. Over time, debris and microorganisms can settle between the fine parts of your system and wear down its efficiency. This often results in loud noises, odd smells, excessive energy use and frequent repairs. Clogged filters especially are one of the key reasons behind skyrocketing costs and system strain.

The best way to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency is to remove any debris before it can multiply. Lowering the amount of dust, dirt and particulates helps to preserve your system’s fragile parts and prevent wear and tear.

Minimizes Common Repair Issues

Professional service is one of the best ways to keep your HVAC system at the ideal efficiency. However, even with routine care, your furnace and air conditioner can still suffer due to outside stressors. Optimizing your HVAC system’s environment minimizes the need for future repairs. Without as much system strain, fewer parts will unexpectedly break down. You’ll have a smaller chance of dealing with issues like short cycling and sudden system shutdowns.

UV lights are an investment in your entire indoor comfort system. They save you money on professional repairs and part replacements. Along with expert maintenance and your own care, they’ll also help to maximize your system’s lifespan.

UV Light Installation

Work with an expert to determine the best place to install UV lights for your household. They’re commonly installed either inside the ductwork or above the indoor coil. Mold spores and bacteria often thrive near this coil due to its constant condensation and humidity. This part can be hard to clean even for a professional. A new UV light will minimize mold outbreaks and keep the system at peak efficiency.

UV lights installed in your ductwork strive to clean all of the air being transported through your home. Wired directly to the blower motor, this type of UV light installation will easily target airborne pathogens and boost your indoor air quality. They only turn on when your HVAC system is running, saving you money and prolonging their effective lifespan.

The average UV lamp lasts a year or about 9,000 hours with regular heating and cooling use. They don’t cost much to run and have an exceptional impact on your budget and overall comfort. Contact Charleston Heating and Air to learn more about how UV lights can benefit your unique household. Start improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency today with germicidal lights.

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