Technicians standing by AC unit in Charleston, SC
August 17

HVAC System Basics

Your heating system is your best friend on cold winter nights in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s comforting to know that when you turn up the… View Article Read More

AC Unit in Charleston, SC
August 10

SEER Ratings, Energy Efficiency and Air Conditioning Unit Cost/Benefits

What Is a SEER Rating? SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. It is a rating system used to determine the energy efficiency of all… View Article Read More

Heat Pumps in Charleston, SC
July 19

Heat Pump or AC: Which Is Better for Your Home?

The hot, humid weather in Charleston makes having adequate cooling in your home almost a necessity. The extreme heat and humidity can quickly make being… View Article Read More

New AC System in Charleston, SC
July 3

14 Benefits to Upgrading Your Air Conditioning System

The average US home uses 60% more energy to cool than heat in the winter. Air conditioning equipment is responsible for around one-third of this… View Article Read More

Heat Pump in Charleston, SC
June 20

Your Complete Guide to Heat Pumps

Essentially, a heat pump transfers heat from one place to another. It is often used in apartments and smaller spaces to control the temperature, but… View Article Read More

Air Filters in Charleston, SC
June 3

How Long Should You Wait to Replace HVAC Air Filters?

Over time, as your household HVAC system runs to keep you and your family comfortable, its air filters will be consistently catching contaminants. Those filters… View Article Read More

Fall HVAC Tips For A Smooth Seasonal Transition
September 29

Fall HVAC Tips For A Smooth Seasonal Transition

Happy Fall, Y’all! Fall HVAC Tips for a Smooth Seasonal Transition Can you believe that fall is already here? We’re here for you with some… View Article Read More

What Temperature Should My Thermostat Be Set On?
December 27

What Temperature Should My Thermostat Be Set On?

The new year is heating up and temperatures are cooling down. With the unpredictable weather that Lowcountry winter months bring, you may be wondering –“What… View Article Read More

Thank You To Our Veterans!
November 11

Thank You To Our Veterans!

wish all of those who have served our country, or are currently serving our country, a Happy Veterans Day! “A HERO IS SOMEONE WHO HAS… View Article Read More

Choosing A Charleston Heating + Air Company
October 16

Choosing A Charleston Heating + Air Company

Charleston is known for hot summers and relatively mild winters, but with the ever-changing temperatures and unexpected coastal weather, it’s important to select a heating… View Article Read More