Charleston Furnace Repair for Our Local Homeowners

Has your heater stopped working in the middle of winter? Don’t worry, Charleston Heating and Air can help! Our trusted heating service specialists can quickly determine the cause of your heating problems and work to resolve the issue with minimal disruption to your life. We have experienced HVAC professionals, and all of our technicians are trustworthy, caring and capable of providing outstanding services for both residential and commercial heating systems.

Charleston Heating and Air offers affordable furnace repair in Charleston, SC, helping families stay warm all year round. Heating your home efficiently isn’t just a matter of comfort, it helps keep your home free from mold and other issues, and prevents pipes from freezing. If the heating breaks down, you’ll quickly come to realize how much you come to depend on it during the winter months. When you notice something small, or a major problem with your furnace, you should call our team for professional heater repair ASAP!