Affordable Summerville AC Installation

Are you looking for AC installation in Summerville, SC? At Charleston Heating and Air we are one of the largest AC installation companies in the area. You can count on our experience and neighborly service to get the job done. In Summerville, a summer day without properly functioning AC is miserable. Your home should be a place of comfort and relaxation. If your AC unit is old and at the breaking point, you’re most likely starting to feel it in several ways. At Charleston Heating and Air, we’re proud to offer dependable and affordable AC replacement when you need it.

Professional AC Installation in Summerville

If you’re feeling hot and sticky in your home, your HVAC unit is not properly working. If the air quality is inconsistent, sometimes being too cold and sometimes too warm, you probably need a professional to take a look. Your HVAC unit isn’t meant to last forever. If you’re lucky and have taken the proper care of it, you may get 15-20 years out of it. At some point though, the cost of getting repairs on an old unit is going to outweigh the peace of mind that an AC replacement will cost you. If you think it might be time to replace your unit, ask yourself a couple of questions.

You need new HVAC Installation if:
  • Your unit around 15 years old
  • Cost of the last repair/next needed repair half as much as a new unit
  • Electric bill has been increasing
  • Home is frequently uncomfortable