Summer is officially here. With Charleston’s temperature and humidity on the rise, your utility bills shouldn’t be feeling the heat too. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to keep cool and save some money during these hot summer months.

Keep curtains and blinds closed during the day.
Studies show that utilizing blackout curtains can reduce the amount of heat transferred into your home by about 24%. This also helps your system save energy, which equals more savings!

Set your thermostat between 75-78 degrees when you’re home.
This is the sweet spot that is sure to maximize your comfort and keep your bills at bay. When you leave, bump up your thermostat to 85 degrees. This may sound counterintuitive, but it helps stabilize the temperature in your home and keeps your system from having to work too hard.

Use ceiling fans, but only when you’re in the room.
Many people think leaving fan(s) on when you’re not at home helps keep the house cool – but that isn’t the case! Fans are simply meant to help keep you cool when you’re around.

P.S. Make sure your fan is spinning counterclockwise in the summer months to optimize its cooling effects.

Check and make sure your home is equipped with energy-efficient lighting.
If not, consider changing out your current bulbs with LED bulbs, specifically in rooms that lights are regularly on.

Make the most of your dishwasher and laundry loads.
Try running your dishwasher and laundry a little less this time of year, or at least save these chores for the evening when it’s not as hot outside.

Make sure your air conditioning system is tuned up and running efficiently.
If you think it might be time for an air conditioning service, repair, or maybe even a new unit, give Charleston Heating and Air a call! Our friendly team is always here to help you feel your best.

With these tips and tricks, you’re sure to stay cool and enjoy some extra savings this summer.

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