Cleaning your home regularly is a way to eliminate dust and dirt buildup, especially if you have pets or young children in your household. Conducting a full spring cleaning is essential at least once a year to create a healthy and welcoming environment throughout your home, even in less frequently used spaces. Implementing a few spring cleaning tips can help expedite the process while allowing you to maximize your cleaning efforts in any sized home or apartment.

Clean Water Marks Using Lemon

Lemon is nature’s gift when it comes to cleaning and freshening up scents in the home. Cut slices of lemons before you begin your spring cleaning, especially once you start working in the kitchen. Wipe a lemon slice along your kitchen faucets and the interior of your sink to break up and eliminate water stains that are often tough to remove. Lemon slices also work in other areas of the home including bathrooms.

Use Lemons to Clean Your Microwave

Slice lemons and place lemons (along with the rinds) into a microwave-safe bowl. Place the bowl inside of your microwave and microwave for at least one to two minutes. The lemons and rinds help break down sticky and hard-to-remove stains, making it easier to quickly wipe away excess grime and collected food.

Put Coffee Filters to Good Use

Use coffee filters to gently dust and wipe computer monitors, television screens, and other electronics. The fibers included in traditional coffee filters are gentle enough to prevent ruining any type of screen in your home. Coffee filters come in handy if you do not currently own electronic wipes.

Cleaning Forgotten Spaces in the Home

Take the time to clean any and all forgotten spaces throughout your home. Dust beneath decor items, electronics, and personal belongings that have been neglected throughout the year. Remove all decor from surfaces for a deep clean while also dusting and wiping down personal belongings individually.

Lift rugs and removable carpets to clean underneath the areas rather than simply sweeping over them or vacuuming the rugs themselves. Invest in renting a carpet cleaner or steamer to help manage large areas of carpet. Use furniture steamers to conduct a deep clean on all fabric-based furniture you have in your home. It is also possible to use a carpet cleaner or steamer on carpeted stairs, which likely receive plenty of foot traffic but rarely get a deep cleaning.

Remove all items from your refrigerator, pantry, and kitchen cupboards. Clean surfaces using a household kitchen cleaner or with an all natural lemon-based mixture. Wipe down all appliances in your kitchen including handles. Clean the inside of your oven, especially if you are unable to remember the last time a thorough cleaning was done. Wash or replace your kitchen trash bin to minimize the spread of germs that have likely not been wiped or cleaned in months or even a year. Move appliances to clean beneath them for a complete and thorough job.

Understanding the importance of spring cleaning is essential to prevent unnecessary buildup and unhealthy air quality throughout your home. With the right tips and resources, cover all areas of your home to ensure your space is breathable and as clean as possible for the year to come. Is it time for you to replace your furnace filter or update your air conditioning unit? Contact Charleston Heating and Air, LLC to learn more about our available services and to schedule your appointment and estimate today.

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