How to Tell if You Need to Replace Your Heater

Your HVAC system should operate at optimal levels. Failure to that, your family or employees could be at risk.

After many years of service, your system will need replacement. Besides feeling like an icicle, here are more signs why it’s time to buy a new heating system for your home.

Escalating Utility Bills

The cost of heating should remain modest throughout the lifetime of the system. If your utility bills keep going up every month, consider a replacement for your system. However, you should read further to know what other signs that can help you make that decision. If your system is relatively young, consider an HVAC repair expert such as Charleston Heating and Air, LLC first.

The HVAC Technician’s Number Is on Speed Dial

This is definitely a good sign that you should replace the heating system. Unless the technician is a friend, his or her number should not be on your speed dial. If it is, it means you are spending too much on repairs.

It is time to spend big of a new system. A good technician will tell you to replace the system. If you don’t listen to him or her, you will have to deal with this constant troubles.

Regular Poor Heating or Air Conditioning Services

Every room should have optimal heating and air quality. If your system struggles to deliver on this, it needs an indefinite rest. Weird noises will accompany poor heating services.

If you have repaired the system within the last three months, it means the system is surrendering. You should replace it before it starts affecting your overall health.

Immediately You Hit the 10th Birthday

Some well-maintained systems will last up to 20 years. That is what most warranties and manufacturers claim. In reality, the system starts giving you trouble as early as the 10th year. With a good maintenance plan, the system should be good for at least 15 years.

From there, it will be wise to start shopping around for a replacement. How often do you need replacement parts? If it is very often, start budgeting for a new system.

The Cost of Repair Exceeds 50 percent of the Cost of a New System

The cost of repairs should be small. A good HVAC company such as Charleston Heating and Air, LLC will tell you when to go for a replacement.

Don’t insist on repair when advised to go for a replacement. What is the cost of a new system? Nothing in the region of 50 percent of the cost of a new system is worth it.

A new system is indeed worth every penny. Don’t let the cost of a new system scare you. Consider all funding options to raise the other balance.

Consistently Poor Air Quality

Smoke, carbon monoxide, and moisture can severely affect your health. If your system cannot provide good indoor air quality, you will need a new one. You will know you have a problem with air quality if you have witnessed increased cases of allergies, sicknesses, and unexplained health complications.

At Charleston Heating and Air, LLC, we know when a system is ready for replacement. We advise our clients accordingly. If there is anything we can do regarding repairs, we give it our best. For all your heating services, feel free to call us.


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