The Importance Of HVAC Tune-ups

One of the worse experiences a homeowner can have is a malfunctioning HVAC system. We rely on our HVAC units to provide comfort to our families throughout all seasons of the year. Regular tune-ups ensure that the system is operating at peak performance. Here are some of the reasons why regular tune-ups are essential for your HVAC unit.


Tune-ups are vital to extending the life of your HVAC unit. Technicians will ensure that all of the parts of the system are functioning correctly. Without a regular tune-up, your HVAC unit is prone to unexpected breakdowns. The average cost of a new HVAC unit can cost between five to 10 thousand dollars. Regular tune-ups are imperative to prevent financial strain on your family.

Conserves Energy

A properly maintained HVAC unit is efficient and lowers your energy bill each month. A well-tuned unit can save as much as fifteen percent of your energy bill each month. A neglected unit will lose the ability to run at the same efficiency level it once did. Before long, your unit will suffer from a major breakdown or failure altogether.


The safety of your family is most likely your number one priority. A properly maintained HVAC unit can prevent catastrophic safety issues such as leaking carbon monoxide. Systems can be subject to electrical shorts that can cause a life-threatening fire.

Better Air Quality

Dirty blower and coil parts can cause fungi and bacteria buildup that you could be breathing in. These dirty parts cause runny noses and eyes, throat irritation, and many other flu-like symptoms. You will sleep more soundly at night with better air quality and be a happy camper in the morning.


A significant advantage to regular HVAC maintenance is parts that are covered under warranty. Parts covered under labor will save you hundreds of dollars on the bill and extend the life of your unit by several years.

Similar to your car, your HVAC unit needs regular maintenance to run correctly. With HVAC maintenance, stick to the adage of “better to be safe than sorry.”

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