A space heater is a great heating source for a home because it increases temperatures in cold environments without using a lot of energy. If you want to keep your monthly energy costs low while staying cozy and comfortable throughout the winter, a modern space heater can help.

The Advantages of Space Heaters

  • Heats isolated areas. When compared to a traditional HVAC system, a space heater provides better energy benefits. The big advantage is that a space heater only heats up an isolated area instead of raising the temperature in an entire home. If you run a space heater more than your HVAC system, you’ll reduce your heating costs by over 50 percent.
  • Portable. Because oil-based space heaters can be moved, you can place multiple units in different areas to stay warm without dramatically boosting your energy costs. For example, if you’re in the kitchen, you can heat up this space without heating other areas by running a space heater instead of the HVAC unit. Another benefit is that a space heater doesn’t use a ton of power to heat up an area. An average furnace produces thousands of watts in order to lower the temperature in a home. A space heater is very cost-efficient as it uses far less power if you really want to only just warm a single area.
  • Multiple energy options. All space heaters have energy settings that make the process of managing energy usage simple. If you only want to heat up an area gradually, you can run the hardware on the lowest power setting. When you need more heat, you can use the medium power mode or the highest heating setting.

Are Space Heaters Cost Efficient?

As great as they are and compact, they are really ideal for running in one area of a home, especially if you turn off your HVAC to conserve energy. It is NOT ideal to place multiple space heaters throughout a home in an effort to replace running your HVAC.

Why is that?

Because gas furnaces cost 43% the overall cost of running a space heater. If you’re trying to heat up your entire home with multiple space heaters, it will cost you far more than just running your heating system.

If you do purchase a space heater, make sure they are energy-efficient models. If you run this alongside with your HVAC you will run up your costs. If you’re running into HVAC issues, our team can help maximize your heater’s efficiency and reduce your overall utility costs. At Charleston Heating + Air, we know how important it is to be comfortable and we want to help you have a reliable heating system. Our professional technicians will work with you to find the right heater or furnace, so you can feel your best year-round.

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