Save Money on Your Energy Bill by Locating & Fixing Air Leaks

Drafts that invade the interior of your home will make your furnace run more often this winter to keep the house at the desired temperature setting. Leaks can occur around doors, windows. outlets, gas pipes, and several other places. Charleston Heating & Air can help you save money on your energy bills this winter if your house is drafty at this time of year.

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Make it Dark

Darken the rooms and see if you can see light from outside coming in around door and window frames. Also, check to see if a light is shining through where gas pipes enter the house. If light is coming in, air will also flow through these openings. You should also check around exhaust vents and any place where a hole was cut through an exterior wall to install water lines. This can also be done after dark with a helper shining a flashlight around possible areas that would let air in.

Check the Frames

If caulking around windows are old and cracked, most likely air is making its way through. Everything should fit tight without any rattles. If you can shake the window any, air will find a way in.

Light Some Incense

Using a lit incense stick, check around baseboards, corners, window frames, and anywhere there is a possibility of air leaking in. Sink cabinets are a good source of air leaks due to incoming water lines and drain pipes. Ceiling fans and light fixtures should also be checked.

The Attic

This is a big potential source of air leaks. The chimney and vent pipes are a suspected source of drafts here. Check the insulation for dirt spots, this could be a source of outside air if dirt was able to get in. The attic hatch should also be sealed good to avoid air loss from going through it.


An air leak detector is designed to check for drafts that are hard to find with other devices. It can detect leaks in ductwork, drop ceilings, and through solid walls. The detector can also sense whether the air is cold or warm, giving you a clue if there is leakage in the heating system.


Turn on exhaust fans throughout the house and install a large fan in a window or exterior door to suck the air out of the house. Any leaks will be more noticeable since outside air will try to rush back in through any leaky areas to return the air pressure to normal. Searching for air leaks with a candle or incense stick will be more effective this way. Care should be taken so you don’t catch anything on fire while conducting your search.

Some places in your home will be hard to access while conducting a search. A professional should be called in to find air leaks before winter gets cold. Charleston Heating & Air has the knowledge and expertise to locate and fix the drafts infiltrating your home. We have the proper equipment to get the job done fast and efficiently.

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