After a long, harsh winter, the signs of spring are in the air. The bare trees in your yard are starting to bud, the birds are slowly returning to sing their songs, and you can begin to imagine wearing shorts and t-shirts about the house in warmer weather. Although you may have already turned off your heater for the upcoming season, you haven’t yet begun to consider turning on the air conditioner. This may be the ideal time to schedule your routine AC tune-up.

Why schedule an AC tune-up in the early spring?

Whether it’s the tail end of winter or the beginning of spring, you may want to consider scheduling routine maintenance on your HVAC now. While many people will delay and start requesting appointments near the end of spring and early summer, you will be ahead of the crowd.

Imagine waiting until the hotter weather hits and needing a tune-up, but having to wait a few days in order to have a repairman at your home. Making that call now will ensure you will already have an efficient system pushing cool air through your home before the warmer conditions begin.

What happens during an AC tune-up?

HVAC tune-ups, otherwise known as preventative maintenance, are important for the longevity of your unit. Your AC repairman is going to inspect your machine from the inside out to ensure all of its parts are working efficiently and appropriately. Your repairman will consider these issues when performing preventative maintenance on your unit:

• Dirt and grime build-up

Due to the function of an AC system, your machine will have a build-up of dust and dirt from the previous months. Your repairman will dismantle the unit and ensure each part is thoroughly cleaned before reassembling. Leaving behind dirt and dust particles can slowly wear down your AC and damage the system.

• Look for wear and tear

Because your system works hard throughout the year, there will be parts that display signs of wear and tear. An experienced repairman will know which parts need to be replaced today, which parts will need to be replaced in the near future and which parts are still good for the time being. He will discuss any issue with you and order and replace parts as needed.

How else does a tune-up benefit me?

If cleaning your unit and repairing it isn’t enough, preventative maintenance also helps out with these issues:

• Lower energy bills

Since a dirty, ill-functioning machine will need more energy to work, ensuring your AC unit is tuned up will also help lower your energy bills during the hot months

• Longer lifespan of your unit

This is probably obvious, but replacing and repairing machines before they suffer a full breakdown will help you maintain your unit for years to come.

Early spring is the perfect time to call for a tune-up! When it comes to your air conditioner, it’s better to be proactive than reactive when it comes to ensuring a nice cool home in the hotter months. Call us now to schedule your preventative maintenance appointment at 843-258-4694 or request service on our website.

Let Charleston Heating and Air help you by servicing your AC before the hot summer months!


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