Goose Creek Ductless Mini-Split Solutions You Can Count On

If you’re tired of unreliable cooling in the summer, it might be time to install a ductless AC unit in Goose Creek, SC. Charleston Heating and Air delivers fast and reliable installation services for ductless heat pumps that keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We might recommend a ductless mini-split for additions to your home or when you’re looking for a very energy-efficient option for your heating and cooling. When it comes to the cost of temperature control, a ductless mini-split is pretty much the gold standard.

Whether you’re installing a new unit or need annual maintenance or repair on an existing mini-split, our experienced HVAC pros are happy to help. We can quickly diagnose any issues and offer repair services. For upgrades, our load calculations are pinpoint accurate to help you find the unit best suited for heating and cooling your Goose Creek home.